Cake Inquiries

Cake Inquiries

Planning a special event, wedding, birthday, anniversary, graduation, promotion or retirement? Are you interested in having a unique delicious made from scratch cake or other pastry to make your event go beyond your expectations?

We can help you with that, help us by completing the form below to give us a better idea of what your looking for. Be sure to include contact information so that we can reach out to you, to gather more information and create an accurate quote for your event. Please allow us 48 hours to reply to your inquiry.

Special orders require a 4 week advance notice, and in some cases during high demand holidays and seasons we may be booked. If you know your date already we highly encourage you to schedule with us as soon as possible.

All orders require a 50% non refundable deposit to secure the date, Orders must be paid for in full 2 weeks before the scheduled date. Cancelling an order, the deposit is non refundable. 10 days 50% of the balance due will be refunded, 5 days 25% of the balance due will be refunded, 4 days or less there will be no refund.

Our products are made from scratch, and because of the area we live in some items must be specially ordered in or we must travel to retrieve the items needed to complete your order, not to mention the time, involved in every step of creating your masterpiece. We create quality products and understand that we may not be in everyone’s budget, which is why we ask that information in our questionnaire.


Premium frostings / fondant will be an additional expense, price varies due to product costs.
Although we try our best to clean and sanitize between all batches, there are still airborn particles that can cross contaminate that our out of our control without being a fully single use kitchen. If you have severe allergies we highly recommend that you find a baker that is specific to your dietary needs in a kitchen that only serves that purpose and is health inspected as well (we are health inspected by the state of MO on an annual basis at minimum, with random inspections through out the year.)

If we have not listed your allergy / dietary need above please feel free to notify us in the comments. before sending in your request.
Please let us know of any additional information so that we may best prepare a quote for you.